Footy Day

Congratulations to our Year 6 Sports Leaders, who organised a successful Footy Day last week. Click the link below to read a report on the day from Leo, Evelyn and Lachie M. 

The Parade

Footy day started off with a bang, as we had the parade where each team was called out and the supporters came up and sang the team song. People got up in front of the whole school in support of their team. We had many people supporting different clubs proudly and were not afraid to sing the team song.. There were all the big teams such as Richmond, Hawthorn and Collingwood. There were also people supporting the smaller teams such as: Port Adelaide, GWS and Fremantle. Overall a great footy parade for 2018 and well done to everyone for coming in their team colours.

The Activities

We had many activities such as goal kicking, longest kick and handballs. Each activity was ran by the year 6 sport captains and a few others who gave a helping hand. There were prizes to be won, and there was a really cheerful and competitive spirit. Not only did the Sports Captains run everything, but they also created then roster and set everything up. Overall we raised $335 that will go towards cancer research. Good job to all sports leaders for running their activities well. Special thanks to Leo Hart, Evelyn Foscolos, Lachlan Mackie and Max Glen who went out of their way spending lunch times to make the day work.  


Fergus Greene

It was such a pleasure having Fergus Greene, a Western Bulldogs AFL player, coming all the way over from Ballarat to our school. It was a great opportunity for children and staff to ask him about his life in the footy environment and what things he enjoyed about being in a team. Fergus talked to us about what was the hardest thing he has ever down in pre-season training, who he looked up to as a kid and several more questions from the students. It was brilliant to also see him getting involved with the activities and the children. It was funny to see Fergus have a friendly footy competition against his cousin (Mr. Hartney) and Mr B. The children and staff very much enjoyed having him over and we can’t wait to see him next year.