Melbourne Kokoda Challenge 2018

The Melbourne Kokoda Challenge is a fun event that students in Years Five and Six are encouraged to participate in. It is a 15 kilometer hike that takes place at the 1,000 Steps in the Dandenong Ranges. We train every second Monday and Saturday. It is hard work, but we have lots of fun.

The great thing about the Melbourne Kokoda Challenge is the bonding and mateship that happens between the people in the team. It has taught us to respect strengths of others because it’s all about the challenges you face as a team, not as an individual. The Melbourne Kokoda Challenge is a long distance event that teaches you to go at your own pace and not as fast as possible. We think this is a great message, because life is a marathon not a sprint.

During the event when things start to get hard, your friends are there to encourage you and to help you keep going. It also promotes courage and endurance, which will help us later on in life.

The Kokoda Challenge represents what soldiers had to go through to protect our country. By participating, we are paying our respects to the people who sacrificed so much so future generations could live in peace.