Melbourne Kokoda Challenge

We did it! 

After almost 6 months of training, countless emails, CareMonkeys and outstanding fundraising efforts, it all culminated at the crack of dawn on October 28th, with 60 members of the St. Joseph’s community heading up the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs for a challenging 15km hike. It was a pleasure to witness the teamwork, determination, encouragement and sense of pride exhibited by the students, teachers and parents alike. A huge congratulations to everyone for a wonderful effort and especially to those students who achieved something that perhaps once seemed beyond their capabilities, I couldn’t have been more proud.


Thank you to everyone who has supported in anyway; a well wish, purchasing a raffle ticket, attending training or donating online, it has been the amazing St. Joseph’s community spirit truly in action.  


I am so proud to say that we’ve managed to raise just shy of $6,500, a testament to the initiative shown by many of the children to come up with creative ideas to support the Kokoda Youth Foundation.

A few notables:

  • Mr Hartney and his team winning the school’s event in a record time of 2hrs and 14 minutes. Made even more impressive by the fact that Mr Hartney was VERY unwell!
  • Mr Culpepper wearing shorts to school on Monday as his legs were too sore to get his pants on.
  • Scarlett R: “It was really fun and a great experience. We all helped our group get through the challenging event. Thanks to Dad for carrying the bags!”.
  • Kristian T: “I thought it was really fun challenging the team from Mrs Martin’s school. Everyone from our team worked so well together, it’s really important to do something nice for charity”.
  • Nick J: “Our group worked really well even when some of us were struggling. We always encouraged each other, had each other’s back and offered to help our mates". 
  • Sienna V: “I enjoyed our Kokoda experience because it was really fun working together through something hard with our friends. I liked having my friend’s backs while doing something for an important charity. A special thanks to Miss Staunton and Rachel Vise for supporting us”.


Another successful year of Kokoda done and dusted.

Thanks everyone!

Michael Barnhoorn

Senior School Leader