St Joseph's Family Colour Fun Day!

Congratulations and thank you to Jo and Sherelle and their amazing team for organizing the most spectacular community celebration on Saturday, the Colour Fun Day!

A huge thankyou to everyone who came along to our Family Colour Fun Day on Saturday! It was a great success, as demonstrated by some amazing photos! A special thank you to the people who worked very hard, from start to finish, to make it happen. There were many many helpers, so it would be impossible to mention all, but specifically, the P&F would like to thank the Year 6 parents for helping in all areas – bbq, front gate, bar, clean up and, most importantly, on various Kaboom Kid activities. That part of the day couldn’t have happened without you, so we’re very grateful. Luke from Kaboom Kid Sports was very impressed by you all! A thank you also to our wonderful Year 6 team leaders, who took their teams around each activity with great leadership and care. It was lovely to see. 

Of course, we must mention our colour throwers – brave souls that you are! – Ben our DJ, Daz our Foam Cannon master and Carmel and Estrella for leading some super funky dancing. Once again we have to acknowledge and thank Sarah Exon and Colleen Armstrong for running another very welcoming and relaxed bar for the parents, and of course, the Deadbeat Dads for entertaining us all! Thank you to every single person who helped with the clean up – especially those who went the extra mile with our hire equipment, and Chris who put the final piece in the clean-up puzzle on Monday, when he returned the BBQ trailer. That kind of assistance makes those of us organising the day feel so incredibly supported, which we’re unbelievably grateful for. 

And finally, thanks to Simon for his support of the event, and hard work on the day. It really was way above and beyond anything you’d expect from a principal and once again reinforces how lucky we are to be a part of this community. Nothing will beat the image of Simon caked in colour powder, like all the kids, beaming from ear to ear as our playground became a crazy, multi-coloured foamy mess! We’re very fortunate to have such leadership!

Jo Stanley
PnF President
St Joseph's Primary School