2019 Melbourne Kokoda Challenge

What a way to kick start our final term for 2019 with our Joey's Kokoda Teams taking out the Jack Kanga Kokoda Challenge on Saturday for the third consecutive year.  We once again congratulate the students for their efforts and dedication to this worthy challenge and charity, and sincerely thank our team leaders who gave up their valuable time to support, encourage and inspire the students over this challenging trek. A special mention to Miss DiPietro and Mrs Martin for their considerable investment coordinating our teams for this special event. Not surprisingly planning has already commenced for 2020 and many students have already stated their intentions to participate in the next challenge. 

Congratulations to the following teams:

  • Miss DiPietro: Luke F, Wilbur W, Ronan McG, Josh J
  • Mrs Martin: Ada, Evie M, Evie DY
  • Miss Opasinis: Koko DG, Olivia F, Jess S, Claudia W
  • Miss Nolan: Harry S, Lenny S, Charlie M
  • Miss Guy: Caleb S, Noah A, Luca Y, Christian H
  • Mr Hartney: Kristian T, Xavier E, Aaron L, Emanuel P
  • Kimberly Webster: Claire W, Lily G, Victor H, Massimo W
  • Amanda Reese: Katherine S, Daphne S, Sophie R, Sienna Z
  • Jacqui Rynn: Lyla S, Daisy F, Abbie J, Emme R
  • First Place in the 15km Challenge - Charlie Cameron: Nick J, York C, Ryder B, Joe C
  • Ash Bird: Fred G, Will B, Jack DB, Barkly W
  • Justine Gallacher: Christian M, Alastair C, Eva B, Bonnie G-W
  • Penny Szatmary:  Jemima C, Ava C, Eliza D, Cleo P
  • Will Davidson: Sally B, Sienna V, Sophie D, Lola D
  • Justin Mottram: Maia M, Erin E, Tilly M