Madagascar - A Musical Adventure JR

Thank you and well done to everyone involved in 'Madagascar - A Musical Adventure JR'.

Wow! I don't think I can adequately put into words just how AMAZING 'Madagascar - A Musical Adventure JR' was and how proud I am of our amazing students. The 2 nights of the show were absolutely superb and all the children were superstars.  

A special  mention to our main characters - Cleo (Alex the Lion), Lucy (Marty the Zebra), Jessie (Gloria the Hippo) and Annalyse (Melman the Giraffe). You all went 'next level' and brought your characters effortlessly to life. Well done, also, to Ada (King Julien) for  bringing the house down with her hilarious performance on both nights. 

We wouldn't be able to put on a show without so many people working tirelessly behind the scenes. Thank you to Lizbeth Quinn, Siobhan Staunton and Melanie Morgan for the vocal coaching, to Lisa Mclean, for choreographing the dances. To Amanda Bowman and Melissa Pascoe for coordinating all the costumes.  

Thank you to Steve Scott (Ella and Ava), Jacquie Rynn and James Robison (Scarlett and Emme) for their work in graphic design and digital production and to Cassie Avery (Ava) for assisting with the makeup and face paint for our main characters on both evenings. 

Lastly, thank you to Jo, Sherelle and the many P&F volunteers who manned the refreshment stand on both evenings.