Back at Last!

It truly has to be seen to be believed at how well the students have settled back into their classrooms. Collectively we have wondered if the children have even been away for an extended period. Their adjustment and transition back to school has been quite phenomenal.

We simply could not have imagined a better transition back to school for our students. Although to be honest nothing surprises us with this crew. Their resilience and capacity to quickly adapt to school life affirms the quality of investment from our families and staff leading up to this return - it has been nothing short of faultless!

Visiting the 14 classrooms has been quite an exceptional experience and whilst we know we had so many happy parents at drop off, this was amplified 10 fold by our staff and students as they settled so remarkably back into classroom routines. They were so thrilled to be back and it showed!

The morning learning block has seen an increased focus on literacy and numeracy and the use of every available staffing resource has certainly supported this optimum learning period. Credit must be given to the students for their responsiveness to this revised learning program. Every precious minute is maximized throughout the day and this has clearly been acknowledged by our students. Thanks Year 6 for once again setting the student tone across the school - a positive lead to follow.

Finally we have the students back where they belong.