Term 1 Wrap Up


Term 1 Snapshot

Prep Info Night

4 x Reconciliations

Reco Parent Evening

First Eucharist Evening

Parent Teacher Interviews

2 x Year 3 Camps

Year 5 Camp

Year 6 Canberra Camp

Athletics Day

Harmony Day

AFL & Hockey Clinics

Welcome BBQ

Assemblies: 5C, Year 6 & 2M

Feast Day Liturgy

Commitment Masses

Holy Week Liturgies

Year 6 Parliament for the Day

New Staff Induction

Rolling out new T&L programs

LSO Cert 4 Training

As we close out this remarkable term and reflect on the 'many' achievements, successes and growing resilience of our students, staff and families, we must acknowledge that returning onsite has also brought some challenges (e.g. fatigue, illness and social and emotional fine-tuning) as we collectively realign to life in this new way. 

Whilst we have enthusiastically welcomed and embraced this return with many typical school routines and practices, it has, and will continue to take time for our community to rebuild the stamina and energy levels experienced prior to 2020. 

In recent days, we have sprinted to the finish line, celebrating Holy Week liturgies, a full camping program, a Year 6 Parliament sitting and Harmony Day. Having drawn upon all reserves, there is little doubt that everyone is now ready for a break and a well-deserved rest. We once again thank our extremely dedicated and hard working staff who have invested so significantly in their students' wellbeing and academic pursuits this term. Their inspiring work and lofty standards and expectations continue to drive the many successes within our community, situating St Joseph's so highly within a competitive educational landscape. 

Perhaps the key to our ongoing successes has been the trusting relationships forged with our families. To that end, we could not ask for more from this reciprocal investment. Our students continue to flourish and ultimately are the beneficiaries of these healthy relations.  

And finally, whilst we acknowledge the exceptional efforts of all our students who have truly thrived this term, we must congratulate our most junior students, the Preps, as they have so confidently navigated and passionately embraced their first months of school life. Their zest for learning and love for school has been such a wonderful source of energy for all. 

Let's ensure we rest, replenish and recharge, before we embark on another full and equally prosperous term ahead at St Joseph's. 

A most fitting prayer shared by Miss Dillon at our staff meeting this week. 

Thank you for all of the beauty, joy and wonder of the holidays. Bring sweet moments into the hard days. Allow us time to spend with our families and loved ones. Be with us, as we rest and recharge in readiness for Term 2.