Once a week at St Joseph's our students have the opportunity to take part in our lunch time STEM Club, run and organisaed by our Year 6 Technology Leaders.

STEM Club with Mr Hartney and the Year 6 Technology Leaders continues to be a popular program run at lunch time once a week for our students from Years 3-6. Children in this optional class have the opportunity to explore a range of technology resources and engage with challenges that relate to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Each Friday our students take part in a range of activities using many different technologies.

Makey-makeys, spheros, drones, LittleBits and programable bots are just some of the engaging learning tools we have at our disposal. Students who take part in STEM club work with students from all year levels and are fantastic at helping others when they are struggling to master a skill.

Students also take part in design projects, solving problems encountered in everyday life, or even problems faced in overseas communities. Our Year 6 technology leaders give up their recess once a week to assist the younger students, while also developing their own technology skills.

Our Year 6 technology leaders also assist with the implementation of technology and STEM work in the classroom. Their leadership, care and support is crucial, particularly in the junior year levels, to ensuring our students feel comfortable and confident with new technology.

In the past our Technology leaders have even presented at staff meetings for our teachers, demonstrating and modeling manageable STEM tasks that can be implemented with their students.