The Writing Revolution

This semester during professional learning and planning sessions, our team of teachers have developed lessons that explicitly teach students to structure sentences in a variety of ways to help improve student writing. This approach is underpinned by 'The Writing Revolution'.

The Writing Revolution

 by Judith Hochman & Natalie Wexler

In a systematic and explicit manner, students are working through the nine sentence skills that can be applied to a variety of genres, improving students' overall writing skills.

  1. Sentences and fragments
  2. Unscrambling sentences
  3. The 4 sentence types - statement, question, exclamations and commands
  4. Developing questions from a picture
  5. Conjunctions - because, but, so
  6. Subordinate conjunctions - before, after, if, when and even though
  7. Appositives - another name of a noun
  8. Sentence combining
  9. Sentence expansion

The skills above are embedded into the content students are learning in Reading and Topic, allowing student needs to be met across all year levels. 

Our Junior, Middle and Senior students have all been engaged in their sentence level activities. Listening to our students discuss the approaches they have learnt with the correct language demonstrates a high level of understanding. 

'We have learnt about independent and dependent clauses. You can use a connective (because, but or so) to add information to an independent clause. The connectives all have different uses. They tell you the opposite, explain something or show the cause and effect. We have also learnt about the 4 sentence types. We have been able to find these in the books we are reading and use the different sentence types to make our writing more interesting.' 

Atticus S, Neave C and Ella D - Year 3

'Learning about conjunctions has helped us understand independent and dependent clauses. We can use compound sentences to help make our writing more detailed. Using these sentences in our fables will make them more engaging to read.' 

Scarlett D and Lucia P - Year 4

'In our Writing Revolution lessons we have been learning about the different sentence types. I am now able to use these in my persuasive and narrative writing. We have had opportunities to practice up-levelling sentences and to use the different sentence types in our warm ups. We are now learning to write a fictional autobiography, I can use exclamatory and command sentences to make my writing more interesting.' 

Eliza S - Year 5

'I want to be a better writer one day. Learning how to up-level sentences makes reading the text more engaging. We can up-level by finding synonyms for basic words, adding interesting openers and a range of conjunctions, which help to vary my sentence types.'

Charlie C - Year 6

'I enjoy learning how to up-level my basic sentences. This helps my writing become more detailed and interesting. We have also been noticing how different authors structure their sentences to make it more intriguing for the reader. Having these examples and learning about how to structure sentences helps me with my personal reading.'

Hugo P - Year 6


Alannah Harrison & Christabel Martin

P-6 Literacy Leaders