Year 6 Canberra Camp

On the last Friday of Term 2, 49 very tired Year 6 students, staff and parent volunteers returned from their week-long trip to Canberra, their longest camp to date.

We are thrilled to say that the students' enthusiasm, participation and willingness to embrace the full 'camp experience' did not waver once across the 5 days and their exemplary behaviour/manner was recognized by so many of the staff who facilitated this camping experience. 

As we recognize the many personal and social benefits from this wonderful camp, perhaps the greatest gains came from the first-hand experiences afforded to our students. From a tour of Parliament House and Bill being passed through the Senate, to a wreath laying ceremony at the National War Memorial, to visiting the AIS. Our students were exposed to so many 'real life' experiences that are simply not possible in a classroom environment. 

Special thanks go to Amanda and Michael Reece for organizing The Hon Andrew Giles MP (Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs of Australia) to speak with our students when they visited Parliament House! What a special experience, and one we are most grateful for.

The feedback from Andrew, "It was an absolute pleasure - what a wonderful group!" We certainly agree. 

We thank our families for trusting us to take your precious children away for a whole week. We should not underestimate the significant responsibility and commitment in taking children away from the 'creature comforts' of home and the safe boundaries of school.  The staff genuinely love these opportunities to interact more freely with the students, even though it can be physically and emotionally fatiguing (you are 'on' 24/7).  Our deepest thanks and congratulations to Miss Coldebella, Miss Crawley, Mr Hartney, Mrs Harrison, Mel Gretgrix, Dylan Flavell, Mick Howard and Yolande Abeling for making this camp such a great success. 

For our Year 5s (2023 Year 6s) our Canberra Camp dates are Monday February 27th - Friday March 3rd (Term 1, Week 5).