Junior School Excursion: The Melbourne Zoo

On Friday 15th July, the entire Junior school participated in an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. The chatter and excitement from the day is still extremely apparent throughout the classrooms!

This rich-learning opportunity not only immersed the students into our Biological Sciences Topic unit, but will also guide aspects of our English learning for the term, as the students learn to write news reports and descriptive writing pieces about animals.


The children were lucky enough to roam the Zoo grounds in their small groups on a beautiful, sunny day and excitedly observe the many different animals in their man-made habitats. All classes participated in the 'Wild Explorers' program, where they engaged with two zoo keepers to use their senses and exercise their inquiring minds to learn what makes animals special and investigate animals' features, habitats, life cycles and what they need to survive.

Here are some of the highlights of our day:

Mason Prep V:
I loved seeing the wild dogs because I have never seen one before. They were sleeping on the grass during the day.

Maggie Prep V: My favourite animals were the baboons. They were running around and showing everyone their red bottoms!

Camilla Prep N: There was an area in the zoo where you could play. I went into the maze. It was really fun!

Bowie Prep N: I loved going to the Reptile House. It was dark and I saw snakes, a crocodile, turtles and lizards.

Year 1

Evie 1D: I enjoyed seeing the elephants. One of them put its trunk around the tree and was playing with a ball.

Harvey 1D: It was fun to walk around the Lion Gorge. When we were watching the lions, one jumped up onto the platform in the tree. The tigers were wrestling each other!

Jordan 1M: My favourite part of our excursion to the Melbourne Zoo was going into the reptile house to see the snakes. I also loved seeing a real snake that wasn’t behind glass in the Wild Explorer lesson. It kept trying to slither away from the zoo keeper!

Mira 1M: I loved going inside the lemur habitat because there was no glass. We could get really close to them and almost touch them! It was fun to watch them climb on the ropes.

Year 2

Hugo 2B: I loved watching the gorillas. There was a little baby gorilla climbing a ladder. There was also a giant silverback. He looked like he was the boss!

Domenica 2B: I loved having my mum as a parent helper at the zoo. It was cool seeing the giraffes. They were eating leaves high up in the trees.

Rex 2N: I enjoyed walking through the Gorilla Rainforest because you could go up the ramps to be high in the trees with the monkeys. There were little monkeys that looked like they had white moustaches! They were called Emperor tamarins.

Zoe 2N: I enjoyed walking around the zoo in my group and seeing all of the different habitats with their animals. My favourite animals to watch were the Tasmanian devils in their den.

Once again, we would like to thank our parent helpers. We could not have done it without you and are so happy that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day!

Lisa Mclean

Junior School Leader