Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
We believe that St Joseph’s School finds its heart and its strength within the parish community. With this encouragement and support, we draw the strength to endeavour to fulfil our mission of providing a quality, contemporary, Catholic education for our students. We empower all learners to become caring, competent, responsible citizens who value education as a lifelong process.

Our Vision:
Learning to Know: We strive to develop students who are engaged and curious about their learning and who are kind, considerate and respectful as people.

Learning to Do: We are committed to developing expert teachers so that our learning environment is student focused and striving for excellence. We strive to effectively engage all learners through meaningful, contemporary experiences that utilise new thinking and technologies.

Learning to Be: We hold close the values of Jesus Christ, so that each person experiences love, forgiveness acceptance and hope. We encourage everyone to reach their full potential.

Learning to Live Together: We strive to develop a caring and respectful community that is considerate towards each other, other people and the environment. We instil a sense of resilience in our students to assist them in dealing with life’s inevitable challenges.