Learning & Teaching

St Joseph’s is committed to providing a curriculum supported by contemporary learning tools which ensures the intellectual, social, and moral development of students. 

  • Teachers use the Victorian Curriculum to plan, monitor, assess and report on the learning achievement of every student. 
  • Teachers facilitate rigorous and relevant learning opportunities that lead students to explore and question significant ideas and create new knowledge.
  • Students’ interests and experiences are valued and reflected in the curriculum and teachers support students through explicit and scaffolded teaching.
  • Contemporary learning tools enable learners to communities beyond the school, providing opportunities to engage with diverse perspectives and collaborate with others.
  • When teachers create a climate that promotes critical and creative exploration of ideas, learners are supported to engage in deep and powerful learning.

Enabling the Learner

  • Teaching staff are attentive to the core knowledge, skills and understandings that are required to be successful in and participate fully in today’s world.
  • Learning opportunities are created for students when core knowledge and skills are integrated across the curriculum in authentic ways.
  • Reflection, high order thinking, creativity, collaboration and the use of contemporary tools are considered essential for creating new knowledge and participating in and contributing to community.

Engaging the Learner

  • Curriculum is designed that leads students to develop deep understandings about themselves, others and the world.
  • Teachers create authentic opportunities for students to learn from and with others.
  • Powerful learning experiences enable students to take responsibility for themselves and commit to authentic action.
  • Teachers encourage students to become involved in ongoing personal transformation; teachers seek to empower students to become self sufficient lifelong learners.