Core Beliefs

The staff at St. Joseph’s are committed to the following non-negotiables of learning and teaching:

  • Positive and trusting relationships with students lead directly to a strong sense of wellbeing in all learners.
  • A culture is inclusiveness and respect is built and nurtured.
  • Teachers take time to know the students in their care.
  • Concerns and problems are listened to and acted upon.
  • Physical, spiritual, emotional, creative elements of students are developed and nurtured.
  • Individual differences are respected and understood.
  • Student work is valued and celebrated.
  • School rules are based on rights and responsibilities.
  • School rules and routines are clearly understood.
  • Effective and ongoing assessment empowers teachers to drive high quality learning and teaching.
  • Assessment drives planning.
  • Assessment is both formative and summative.
  • Assessment includes self and peer assessment.
  • Students are taught how to set learning goals.
  • Assessment data is analysed and used.
  • Records and evidence are kept.
  • Assessment results are shared with students and parents in ‘user friendly language’.
  • Timely feedback is given to students.
Classroom Management
  • The teachers are well planned and organised, creating a learning environment where all students experience success.
  • Parents are welcomed into classrooms as helpers.
  • Teachers model professionalism: their dress, behaviours, work programs and record keeping are of a high standard.
  • The learning space is clean, tidy and inviting.
  • Students see teachers as life long learners.
  • A strong belief is held by teachers and students that all learners can experience success given enough time and support.
  • Tasks are set at the appropriate level (zone of proximal development).
  • Students are ‘on task’.
  • Students can articulate the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of their learning.
  • Contemporary tools are integral in the learning process.