At St Joseph’s, we believe that the explicit teaching of English is fundamental to ensure our students experience success in all areas of the curriculum. Our goal is to foster a love of literacy and equip students with the skills necessary to develop into lifelong learners.

English at St Joseph’s is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, ensuring that engaging and explicit lessons are developed around the areas of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Teachers plan together to create English lessons that are able to meet the differentiated learning needs of every student across Prep to Year Six.

Students from Prep to Year Six are exposed to a wide range of texts on a daily basis. Differentiated learning activities are developed in accordance with student learning goals. Teachers meet with students in targeted teaching groups and in one-on-one sessions, to develop students decoding, fluency and comprehension skills.

At St Joseph’s we provide explicit learning opportunities for students to develop an understanding of writing across a variety of genres, such as to inform, entertain or persuade. Using an explicit and scaffolded approach to writing, students are able to conceive, plan, compose, edit and publish a wide range of texts. Learning opportunities are provided for students to develop their skills with grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Speaking and Listening
Ample opportunities for Speaking and Listening are provided from Prep to Year Six throughout the day. Debates, Show and Tell and Super Speaker (public speaking) presentations are just a few of the ways students are able to express their skills in Speaking and Listening.

At St Joseph’s we foster a high expectation, high support environment for all students. We provide access to intervention programs on a needs base to support students who require assistance with the English Curriculum, allowing them to participate in classroom activities with confidence.