OSHClub Before and After School Care

The number one focus at OSHClub at St Joseph's is the welfare and support of the children. By focusing on understanding each individual child and their needs and wants from the service, we can adapt and plan our program to ensure their safety, happiness and development is accounted for in each session. Our aim is always to see as many smiling faces coming and going from the OSHClub room. 

We offer Before School Care (7am-8:50am), After School Care (3:30pm-6pm) and Vacation Care (7am-6pm).

We structure the program by selecting a new theme weekly (daily for Vacation Care) and plan all the activities around that theme. We hold a mini meeting with the children at the end of the week to ask for suggestions and this helps us decide on themes and activities in the future. As a team, we also complete observations daily on the children to see how they are developing, what we can do to extend their learning and plan future activities around this. We offer an indoor and outdoor activity per session, with many other activities on offer at all times, and ensure there is one physical activity and one quieter activity, such as a science experiment or craft. Some examples of activities we run at St Joseph's OSHClub are Arts/Crafts (painting, clay, recycled creations, glitter art, masks, puppets, mindfulness colouring etc) Science Experiments, Sport, Group Games (Silent Ball, Night of the Museum, Fruit Salad etc). Other quiet activities are always available to the children e.g. board games, play dough, loom bands, word searches, dot to dots, nature play area, dress ups, imaginative play and many books to read. 

Vacation Care was established at St Joseph's in 2019. The Leaders work together to select themes for each day. Some example of previous themes are Dragons and Dinosaurs, Mini Chef, AFL Day, Disney Day, Disco, Trivia Day, Dance and Music, African Safari and much more. We then run many activities during the day and make sure that we have multiple activities running at once, to ensure every child has an option they enjoy. We also run excursions and incursions during the holidays, some previous ones we have had are Inflatable World, Super Zu, Strike Bowling and Laser Tag, African Drumming, Wild Life Exhibit and Aboriginal Story Telling. 
All the staff working at OSHClub have a current police check, working with children check and appropriate education/childcare qualifications. All permanent staff also have first aid including CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis, child protection training and food safety training. 
We encourage involvement of parents and are open to feedback, as this is how we learn and develop our program further. We have a journal on display with pictures and examples of our program from the past week, which the parents are welcome to leave feedback on. We also have feedback forms that can be filled out. We are always happy to speak to anyone with feedback or questions.
If you would like to book in for our services please enrol your child and make your bookings through the following 

We look forward to hopefully seeing you and your family at OSHClub soon!

Please click here for the OSHClub Parent Handbook 

Siobhan Allan is the Program Coordinator for OSHClub at St Joseph's. She has a Diploma in Early Childhood and Care and enjoys creating fun programs for the children with lots of interesting activities. 

Contact us:
Program phone number:  0437 730 158
Head Office number: 03 8564 9000
Account Manager: Belinda Ramtol
Direct Phone: 03 8564 9024
Email: belinda.r@oshclub.com.au