Prayer, Sacraments and Liturgy

The spiritual, moral, social, emotional and intellectual development of our students is paramount to a sound education. At St. Joseph’s, we seek to provide an environment where students feel welcome, known and safe. We aim to develop students who feel accepted and have an appreciation of the world. In partnership with their parents, we guide them to become inner directed people who make appropriate choices that are based on the gospel values of honesty, forgiveness, justice, compassion and equality.

We regularly celebrate together at Mass and in school based liturgies. We embrace the opportunities to gather together with the Parish community. These opportunities for worship build a strong sense of connectedness between school and the wider Parish.

We utilise the new Horizon's of Hope Religious Education Curriculum Framework and other programs and materials to support our teaching. Contemporary approaches to learning and teaching is incorporated within this sphere.

We encourage our students to become aware of the needs of those less fortunate than themselves both in the local area and in the world. With Jesus Christ as their model, we encourage our students to take action to support a variety of worthy causes.

All baptised Catholic students receive the sacraments in the following order:
  • Reconciliation – Year 3 
  • First Eucharist – Year 4
  • Confirmation – Year 6 
Preparation for the sacraments is school based and takes the form of Religious Education classes, Commitment Masses, Family Faith Nights and retreat days. Catholic students who attend government or private schools in the local area are welcomed into the program.
If your child does not attend St Joseph's Primary and you would like them to participate in our Sacramental program, please contact our Religious Education Sacramental Leader, Elly Dillon at