School Mission and Vision


Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a welcoming and safe Catholic school that inspires excellence in all areas of school life. We promote spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing and academic success. We empower our students to become compassionate, contributing citizens.



Our mission is to:

Live our faith

  • Uphold the values of Jesus Christ, so that each person experiences love, forgiveness, acceptance and hope
  • Develop and enact a strong sense of social justice and stewardship
  • Celebrate our Catholic faith and traditions


Educate our students for the world

  • Prepare our students with skills and strategies to enhance their social and emotional wellbeing
  • Develop expert teachers who provide a rigorous and contemporary learning environment
  • Nurture and engage all students to be curious life long learners


Connect and care for our community

  • Provide a safe environment for all in our care
  • Foster trusting and respectful relationships with all members of our community.