School Fees

St Joseph's relies on a local contribution from parents/caregivers to help cover the education costs for each student. This is achieved through the setting and collection of school fees and levies, which we review annually, to ensure that not only the school remains financially viable but continues to be accessible to families who value a Catholic Education. 


The 2023 school fees and levies are outlined below.




Family fees assist the school in meeting the day to day costs of operating the school and Capital fees assist with school improvement, equipment purchase and maintenance programs, including the planned refurbishment projects commencing in 2023.  


The Curriculum levy covers the supply of all books, text books, specialist, library resources, software licences and 

excursions/incursions. The Device levy covers ready access for children in Years 2 to 6.


We are committed to supporting our families and offer a range of payment options to assist families in meeting their obligation of paying fees. If you have any concerns about payment of fees, please reach out to Claire Tobin for a confidential discussion to explore financial support arrangements or government concessions to help you. (See the School Fee Concessional Policy).