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Parents as Partners

St Joseph's Primary School Elsternwick

A strong sense of identity and belonging enhances the wellbeing of young people, and impacts positively on their learning outcomes. With an emphasis of Parents as Partners in the education, care and wellbeing of each of our students, cements the importance of our shared work in educating the young people of our school and parish.

St Joseph’s Primary School is in a central position to be the ‘hub’ for our community to come together. We promote personal growth, cultural identity, a strong sense of community and belonging. Our students and families have opportunities to identify with the traditions, values and relationships within the school. It is a part of our schools’ core work to include activities that shape students’ sense of identity.


Clear communication between home and school is key to ensuring ongoing, effective partnerships for learning. Our students, your children learn in a variety of environments – school, home, clubs, social groups, and when the language of learning in these worlds, especially home and school can be readily accessed and understood by families, learning will be enhanced. 


It is vital that school staff and families share, understand, and effectively communicate a common language around learning, community and shared ownership.


School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council provides a forum for discussion and discernment, where parent  voice and community perspective are available to inform and support the decisions made by the school, where students’ wellbeing and outcomes are paramount. 


The following are some examples of the many ways the School Advisory Council may support the school and the principal:

  • articulating and enacting the school’s vision and mission

  • promoting the school’s Catholic ethos and culture

  • promoting faith formation and development

  • supporting school policies as required

  • giving advice to the principal on issues such as school improvement plans and enrolment trends

  • engaging in discussion with the principal about the annual school budget and other financial matters

  • giving advice to the principal about the school master plan

  • providing capital resource planning and maintenance support to the principal.


St Joseph’s School Advisory Council for 2024

Claire Tobin 

Tom Hartney

John Ferraro (Chair)

Catherine Anderson (Vice Chair) 

Matilda Abey

Mikk Godfrey

Michael Swan 

Poppy Griffiths

Amanda Goddard

Evan Dimitriou 


Parents & Friends

The St Joseph’s Parents & Friends Association (P&F) aims to encourage social interaction between families (by organising events for parents, students and staff) and assist in building a sense of community and wellbeing within the school. It also exists to raise funds for projects and resources that would not otherwise be financed and that will benefit the students. In past years, events have included Welcome BBQs, trivia nights, luncheons, cocktail nights, fetes, art auctions, along with raising money with raffles and other fundraising activities.


The P&F welcomes all parents and encourages you to become involved. Being a member of the P&F is a rewarding and enjoyable way of being involved in our school community. It offers the opportunity to meet school families, make new friends (across various year levels) and contribute to the vibrant St Joseph’s community. Most importantly, involvement in the P&F benefits your child/children.


P&F Executive Team for 2024

Ben Gibbs & Jen Conway (Co-President) 

Carla Bardella (Sectretary)

Tim Newberry (Treasurer) 

Anita Simons, Rachel Noctor & Jane Douglas (Class Rep Support)

Class Representatives play an important role in the P&F. The primary role of a Class Representative is to develop a friendly, supportive, inclusive community within each class and to facilitate open and effective communication across the school in relation to P&F social and fundraising events. As a Class Rep, parents attend P&F meetings to represent the views of class parents, communicate meeting outcomes back to the class parents, welcome new families to the school, and help organise and promote social and fundraising events for the wider school, year level or class group. 

P&F Contact Details:

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