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School Prayer

St Joseph's Primary School Elsternwick

Dear God,

We thank you for our wonderful school. We are glad we belong to the St. Joseph’s community.

We pray that we will be safe and happy at school, and that we will learn much about You, ourselves and the world.

Help us to treat each other with respect and generosity. We hope to be like St. Joseph, a person who cares for others.



Sacrament & Liturgy

At St Joseph’s, we relish the opportunity to gather together in Prayer and worship through regular school Masses and school based liturgies. We warmly welcome families to attend these special occasions, alongside an open invitation to Monday Prayer, in the classrooms.


All baptised Catholic students are invited to receive the sacraments in the following order:

Reconciliation – Year 3 

First Eucharist – Year 4

Confirmation – Year 6 


Preparation for the sacraments is school based and takes the form of Religious Education classes, Commitment Masses, Family Faith Nights and retreat days. Catholic students who attend government or private schools in the local area are welcomed into the program.


If your child does not attend St Joseph's Primary and you would like them to participate in our Sacramental program, please contact our Religious Education Sacramental Leader, Elly Dillon at


Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is a form of contemplative prayer that involves quieting the mind and focusing on God's presence within us. It is an ancient practice that has been part of the Christian tradition for centuries. 


At St Joseph's we have integrated this practice into our prayer routine, allowing our students to learn and experience the benefits of meditation. Christian Meditation provides an opportunity for quiet and stillness, where we are open to welcoming God into our hearts and minds.



Catholic schools were founded to proclaim Jesus’ message of God’s love for all. Our Catholic faith calls us to embrace the contemporary world with a Catholic imagination, and a particular hope-filled view of the human person and all of creation. 


At St. Joseph’s we view the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and intellectual development of our students as paramount. Through opportunities to engage in dialogue, students are encouraged to become aware of the needs of those less fortunate than themselves both in the local area and in the world. 


With Jesus Christ as their model, we encourage our students to take action inspired by the gospels, where the values of honesty, forgiveness, justice, compassion and equality are front of mind.


Parish Office Contact Details 

Telephone: 03 9528 5988


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